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8 Jun

A necklace to warm your heart ♥

The Northern Kalahari has entered it’s icy Winter months and when the sun sets temperatures can drop to minus degrees!


Before hunting restrictions the San used hides as blankets. Now they are reaching out to you to trade a necklace to warm your heart for a blanket to warm their families. 

These necklaces are each made by hand in a time consuming and intricate process. Starting with the string, fibres are extracted from the leaves of the ‘Mother-In-Law’s-Tongue’ plant, which is then threaded on their legs till it becomes rope. The Ostrich egg shells are chipped into circles by stone chisels and a hole is made through the middle using a hand held homemade drill. Necklaces are further decorated with seeds, nuts and feathers gathered in nature.



Each necklace is unique and one of a kind!



To have the sensation of a hand crafted necklace warming your heart, drop off your blankets at the National Art Gallery of Namibia – NAGN before 1 July 2016. 

When you drop off your blankets, remember to leave your email address, so we can send you a voucher to the Happy Art Hour on 5 August 2016 to select your heart warming necklace! 

The blankets do not need to be new and we ask for a minimum of 3 blankets for every necklace.

Every contribution is important on the road to making a difference. If you cannot make it to the locations, you’re welcome to make a monetary donation here.

Thank you.

Mi wi i.


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