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18 Jul

We fought the cold and won!

Mi Wi A!

We are so thankful for all your beautiful, giving hearts. The blankets and clothes were heartily welcomed! There was a celebration!

Parents and children all came together! There was a warm spirit that lifted worry and cold from us all. 

We have received clothes and blankets from all over and we are overwhelmed with the giving nature of our people. We are forever grateful and cannot thank you enough!

Together we brought love and warmth to Namibia!

To all the barterers, remember to join us at the National Art Gallery of Namibia on 5 August 2016 for the next Happy Art Hour to pick out the neckalce that warms your heart

We will also have extra pieces to sell, so bring the whole family. 

Let’s hear from you, write us an email, on our wall or tag us in your photos.

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