#TakeItOff and join the #SanWALK

On the 1st of April 2017 the trio of a Norwegian and two San embarked on a journey of self discovery across Namibia.

Aleksandra a 27 year old, Norwegian that has fled materialism and futility in search for greater meaning in namibia. On one of her “Bushman land” visits, she was deeply moved by !Ui’s wisdom and became aware of how perception-deprived she is!

San joining the walk

!Ui is one of the last great San bow hunters. He wants to save his son, /Kamaché from losing his true San identity and culture.

/Kamaché is of the first generation of San to have been sent to school. Like so many of his peers, he is stuck between the traditional and modern world.

1200 km straight line

Their East-West journey nearly traces a straight 1,200 km line from the little-known Khaudum National Park, near the Botswana border, to the beach of Mowe Bay, on Skeleton Coast. To survive, they will need to rely on mother nature and each other. This is a reality journey where modern and traditional meet to exchange and walk together to discover each others worlds, our land and themselves.

The journey will be captured by Pierre Stine in a documentary.

Join the campaign

You are invited to join in and discover your true self through the #TakeItOFF campaign which will be running parallel to this walk.

When you take off your layers and masks, literally and metaphorically you are closer to mother nature and yourself. You become more confident and comfortable, you become authentic, you become you. The ripple effect is a happier you and a happier world for you and the people around you.