about nanofasa

Nanofasa operates within the traditional area of the Ju/’hoan San or Bushmen (as they are commonly known in Namibia). The San are considered to be the world’s oldest culture, being the first hunters and gatherers, but now live in extreme poverty. They have been forced from their original lands, which are increasingly being used for illegal grazing cattle, leaving the San unable to survive in their traditional lifestyle.

San is arguably seen as the most marginalized group in Southern Africa. Overall, food security is low, few San learners complete their basic education and the illiteracy and unemployment rates are very high. In an area of 9000 square km, there is 2300 Ju/‘hoansi San living, and the majority is children with no future. The health status of San is undoubtedly linked to their low socioeconomic status, as the San life expectancy is 22% lower than the national average, at just 48 years.

Nanofasa works to ensure healthy and productive interactions between Nature, Adventure, Culture and Communities Improved human well-being and ecosystem health is essential for the sustainability of our planet and its people. Our approach is simple, yet transformative.



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