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To say living with the San is ‘life changing’ would be the understatement of the century! In fact, we literally cannot put it into words. You have to experience it!


Besides learning to make a fire or rope, learning about tracking, hunting and gathering, the Bushmen will give you a new pair of eyes to see the world through. Life is different in Bushmanland. What matters to you now, won’t matter to you when you’re here and may never matter to you again. Life will matter to you more and how you spend every waking moment in it.


The bushmen thoroughly enjoy teaching and sharing what’s mundane to them with foreigners. They also find the immense interest a bit strange. You are welcome to join life here for as long as you wish. Bring sunscreen and be ready to rewind your mind, rewild your heart and remind your soul of it’s purpose.


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On the 1st of April 2017 the trio of a Norwegian and two San embarked on a journey of self discovery across Namibia. Their East-West journey nearly traces a straight 1,200 km line from the little-known Khaudum National Park, near the Botswana border, to the beach of Mowe Bay, on Skeleton Coast. To survive, they will need to rely on mother nature and each other. 

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